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At Oryx IT Solutions we can provide physical, virtual and cloud based backup and disaster recovery solutions. Our management team, sales, technical and support staff have the expertise to assist with almost any IT related challenge.

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Our clients rely on our expertise every day and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. To guarantee this service level, we only work with the world’s leading backup and disaster recovery software and infrastructure providers.

Benefits of a disaster recovery plan

In the event of a disaster, there is a clear benefit to planning and implementing a disaster recovery plan for your company. We can provide you with strategies to maximise efficiency and productivity so your business can thrive, even in uncertain times.

We offer flexible backup solutions tailored to your business.

Data loss can be both costly and stressful, resulting in downtime and lost revenue. One of our key focuses as a turnkey IT solutions provider is to implement and proactively manage backup solutions that ensure business continuity.

A disaster recovery planning is crucial in times of uncertainty.

We can help you to implement a plan for disaster recovery by ensuring that your infrastructure, IT systems, hardware and software are all in a position to withstand a disaster, or that your setup can be recovered without data loss or downtime.

Do you regularly backup data and files?

We can provide you with strategies to safeguard critical data so your business can thrive, even in uncertain times.

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