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Your company IT Security infrastructure includes not only technology, but also the strategy, plans, staff, service providers, and training required to secure your information systems. Building a formidable IT Security Stack that is constantly being updated will give you the reassurance that your data is secure. 

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The Essential Security Stack

Each business is unique. Management, employees, service providers and customers need to be kept informed and aware of potential threats with continuous engagement and updates.

Proactive IT Security Planning

IT security helps ensure only authorised employees, service providers and users can access and make changes to sensitive information that is stored on your server and specific work stations.

Common Threats to IT Security

A common threat to IT Security is malware, or malicious software, which may come in in the form of Ransomware, Spyware or Viruses.

IT Security Needs to Rapidly Evolve

Cyber criminals are constantly looking for new ways to target companies with outdated and vulnerable networks and IT infrastructure. Your company IT Security needs to stay ahead of this curve.

Protect Your Company's Valuable Systems and Data

Many companies have the misconception that their information is completely secure and free from any threats. Optimum IT security enables the safe operation of applications and protects valuable company data that is transmitted internally via the company network or outside the company via the internet.

Intrusion Prevention

This includes hardware and software to protect against malicious phishing, malware, ransomware and any user account breach.

Physical Security

Investing in physical infrastructure to secure your company data. This includes hard drives, devices and servers.

Response Strategy

Develop a flexible strategy for responding to and mitigating any effects from a cyber attack or IT security breach.

Data Loss Prevention

Develop controls and systems to prevent data loss from accidental and malicious activities.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and permits or blocks certain data based on a set of security rules. A firewall acts as a digital barrier between your internal company network and data traffic from external sources (e.g. the internet). A firewall is primarily responsible for blocking data traffic from malicious sources.

Why the need for antivirus software?

Whilst a firewall protects a company network, reliable antivirus software protects workstation systems. Reputable antivirus software protects a user’s computer from incoming threats and can identify, remove or warn of possible threats. One of the most important aspects of antivirus software is staying up to date with the latest advances in virus, malware and ransomware.

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