IT Audits and Reporting

Oryx IT Solutions offers a comprehensive IT Audit and Reporting service designed to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness, security, and efficiency of your organisation’s information technology infrastructure. The process begins with an assessment and evaluation phase. The goal is to identify any bottlenecks or areas for improvement.

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Our Process

Assess and Evaluate

We review your current systems, hardware, software, security, policies and controls. We consult with management and internal IT staff to understand your company’s current IT environment and history.

Diagnose and Document

Our technical team perform a thorough audit and document possible bottlenecks, inefficiencies and potential risks. We document our findings which can then be used to develop a strategy for improvement.

Report and Propose

Once an audit has been performed, we meet with key stakeholders to present a proposal. This includes a review of our findings and actionable steps to resolve issues, reduce costs and future-proof your business.

IT Audit Overview

The primary goals of an IT audit are to determine if:

Full Transparency

Our technical team will provide you with a full proposal that outlines the current state of your IT infrastructure and setup. We then propose a range of options to help you optimize your current setup or provide recommendations for a new setup that will meet your current and future requirements.

Quality Standards and Dedication

Our technical team are friendly, highly qualified and personable. We love interacting with our clients and helping them to solve problems quickly. Whether you need to install a new desktop printer or need to relocate offices, we’re up to the task and deliver without compromise.

We NEVER set-it-and-forget-it

IT support is a cost center but that doesn’t mean that it can’t deliver a valuable ROI. We build collaborative working relationships with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver products efficiently and render services effectively, year after year.

Are your IT systems optimised for success?

Gain the clarity and insights you need with our expert IT Audits and Reporting Services.

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