We take care of your hardware from quote to installation, and maintenance. We can assist with setting up an IT lifecycle plan to effectively forecast and budget for the purchase of new hardware, and also dispose of your tech waste for salvage and recycling. 

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Why is hardware so important?

Buying a computer or setting up a network of computers may seem simple on the surface, but this can become a costly exercise without expert advice. Selecting fit-for-purpose equipment should be based on the tasks you or an employee needs to accomplish and the software required to execute those tasks effeciently. These factors are largely determined by the nature of your business. 

Plan your requirements

The first step to purchasing new or replacing IT hardware is identifying the key tasks the user or specific hardware will need to perform.

Determine your budget

Once you have a clear set of requirements determine your budget and then let us help you find a solution that will suit your needs.

Trust Oryx IT Solutions

We partner with our clients to select the best hardware for their business. As their business grows, we assist with managing IT hardware lifecycles.

Hardware Procurement, Setup and Maintenance

We provide complete IT building infrastructure requirements from data centre and server rooms with hot and cold isle design or containment PODs to desktop computers, laptops and peripheral devices.

Reduce Costs

Reduce hardware and maintenance costs through more effective IT planning and support.

Extend Hardware Lifespan

Extend the life of your IT hardware and maximise the value of your IT infrastructure with an IT partner you can trust.

Environmental Impact

Reduce your organisation’s environmental footprint by optimising the lifespan of your IT hardware and infrastructure.

Desktop Computers and Laptops

We supply a range of desktop computers, laptops and devices from leading brands including Dell, HP, Apple and Samsung. Call us to request a quote for a single computer or we can conduct a complete audit of your current setup.

Data Centres and Server Rooms

We can design, build and install data centres and server rooms. This also includes planning for backup components, infrastructure for power supply and environmental controls for air conditioning and fire suppression.

Printers, Scanners and MFPs

We supply leading brands including Samsung, Canon, and HP and can source desktop printers, scanners and multi-function printers that will help you to reduce costs and streamline internal communication and processes.

Bags and Accessories

We believe looking after your equipment correctly will increase its lifespan. We offer a variety of top brands that supply carry and travel bags, accessories and peripheral devices for your IT equipment.

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